Four Ways Graston Technique Can Help You

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The majority of patients who come to see me have added Graston treatment to their overall wellness and chiropractic care regiment.  Graston technique is an advanced type of massage with specialized tools benefitting people of all ages and body types with various degrees of pain due to inflammation. You’ll feel the benefits of the massage right away, and over time problem areas will regain their mobility.

What can it do for you?


Graston technique targets pain or discomfort associated with scar tissue and inflammation. The Graston tools break up scar tissue and soft tissue fibrosis.  This eases a range of pain associated with neck, joints, shin splints, and back.  Whether you havepain from poor posture sitting at work, or from strain induced by athletic activities, this treatment “combs” over affected problem areas to splay and stretch connective tissue.


Increases and/or restores mobility and range of motion. If you are recovering from an injury or a surgery then Graston technique can enable and quicken a safe and less painful rehabilitation.


Positive response within 4 treatments! You will feel fewer restrictions in your joints and better mobility by the 4th treatment.  A lot of patients express more comfort right after their first massage!


Minimizes need for anti-inflammatory medication.  With each area treated, the tools enable more blood flow to the area and increased cellular activity.  Graston technique works with your body to promote healing in the muscle.  This treatment has also been known to effectively manage and relieve chronic pain conditions.

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