New Patients


I’m committed to providing all of my patient’s with the best care possible. I know that patient’s have many options when it comes to choosing their health care providers so I am honored to be of service. Here are the typical first appointment procedures:

New patients are asked to fill out some brief paperwork in order to learn about you and your condition. This paperwork is also available and downloadable online for your convenience.

Every new patient is given a thorough consultation in order to best determine how to treat any specific complaints or concerns. During this process, Dr. Barclay will actively listen to your health-related problems and determine if Chiropractic is a good fit for you. If Chiropractic is not a good fit, Dr. Barclay is more than happy to refer to another health care provider that best meets your needs.

Every new patient is entitled to a thorough Chiropractic examination in order to confirm the cause of the complaint and establish a working diagnosis. The exam consists of gathering vital baseline information such as blood pressure, pulse rate, respiration rate, and reflex testing. In addition, the exam further explores range of motion performance, neurological testing and functional muscle strength and tone.

X-ray facilities are present on the facility, which means that patients can get immediate feedback if there condition requires more in-depth imaging. This offers the advantage of getting immediate feedback for traumatic injuries or acute pain. In addition, Dr. Barclay may sometimes recommend X-rays in order to give patients a clearer understanding of their spinal health.

After the consultation and exam, patients are given a thorough report of findings which not only sums up all the previous information but also outlines a plan for best treating the patient’s condition quickly and efficiently.

After the condition is diagnosed and a treatment plan is established, we move into the hands-on phase where we start to correct the condition using spinal adjustments and any necessary physical therapy modalities. Most patients start to experience positive results after the first adjustment. Additionally, Dr. Barclay can adjust in a way that is effective for every body type, whether the most active athlete or someone who requires a more gentle approach.